dream baby Go!

amid blue night light snow sleep baby sleep cool gel filled cheeks rest deep breath steams, curls up over parched coral pout black eyelash train tracks cross nose flares out amid blue night light snow dream baby Go! back up! MA MA MA… friday garbage truck watch out! HOT PUMP kicked on HOT HOT HOT! … More dream baby Go!


we slide on grinding rails through noisy rectangles and glimmering neon light triangles horizontally propelled by panels of bolted sheet metal underground popping my ears full and stuffy me and my girl Sujata our eyes burning, we gape through a thick window frame rounded with a curve of black rubber opaque with urban grime others … More Metro

Cake Balls

I miss brother, who I never knew well. To prolong the agony of life’s emotion, I plunge my bamboo skewer into the sponge of an unassuming frozen ball, Plucking it up from wax paper whose flat, cold lips suck back resistently. I reround the ball on his stick to help him regain his shape. His … More Cake Balls