Leaving to Home

Lady Navigation chimed: “Starting Route to 123 Freedom Drive” Mom had pierced a hot Sunday afternoon, screeching tires in June Road signs falling away in a gassy haze, teary backward gaze No parking place ahead, none behind, her minivan lost inside her mind It’s difficult to leave a child But Mommy was already dead, crushed … More Leaving to Home

Water Changer

I am your settled flower vase, heavy by the window. Ripples moan to their death against my insides, long since stems were inserted. You are the sun warming my heavy hourglass, breaking right through this Saturday morning still. You split me into light, forcing rainbows to shoot through these molecular hips onto any shy planes … More Water Changer

Pillow Canyon

Oh, that space. That space between your pillow and your face. Beside your brow end. Where your eye searches, wild, watery. That space a canyon. A parting. A pout. Slide down your bright nose. That space in your mouth. I push my tongue in. Light particles burst, Cerulean blue. What parts were dark red – … More Pillow Canyon