Waiting Room

I retrace heavy hexagonals Cezanne’s bright peaches for coasters Someone’s nine am coffee ring still wet I wonder if the woman who left it was also left, hoping Like me, searching tirelessly, Trying to see her husband above the waste   Did she smirk at the hodgepodge of small Asian tables with yard sale Colonial … More Waiting Room


Man, I stacked enough muscle – shot me straight into dark Exploded onto concrete – mouth around my heart Risky thoughts race me   I would’ve let you cut your teeth on me if you would just run with me…   My calves want to fail – eye level to breath I didn’t feel Focus … More Grip


Papercuts   I sat on my tree trunk stool My heartbeat with the black vessels of tree limbs Stretching fingers across a cornflower blue sky Falling away to amber The only sound was my pen scratching The farthest I could see was the only red light in town, toy like I thought I was so … More Papercuts


I traveled from clear western sky to ramble through your syrup air. My yellow cotton dress is thrown out like a sheet against my thighs… When I step onto your cobblestones, my pulse rises.  I feel shiny.   The summer dark carries in laughter from the sea to the street. My hair light from hours … More Charleston

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She towers over her family like a coal tipple. Her bare feet bottoms black from the garden, She’s just come off the hill pickin’ maters Killed her a copperhead. She’s been up since five since she was eight. Rolling dough. Cleanin’ deer. Fetchin’ water. I don’t reckon she’s ever worn no makeup. Her hair drags … More Follow June