Man, I stacked enough muscle – shot me straight into dark

Exploded onto concrete – mouth around my heart

Risky thoughts race me


I would’ve let you cut your teeth on me if you would just run with me…


My calves want to fail – eye level to breath I didn’t feel

Focus pulling each quadricep forward

Incline ahead


I need to run through this pain


Man, I need to get my grip – I’m distracted by trees

Looking too far ahead of me zaps my energy, fills my head with bees, I can’t breathe


I don’t know if you’ll be there when I stop


Drop the hammer on this last half mile

My fears freeze in the sprint

For a moment I’m held alone, suspended in my own animation

Neighborhood lights silently winking

It’s snowing

I’m running

Neither here nor there


This pain is so good


I don’t need you to push me up this hill

My legs fly me

I love you…. But I’ve got a good grip on me


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