When she sleeps, it’s only in pearls.

she actually does give a f*** what you think about her swearing

she makes love to her husband in her sunglasses


Her children think, my mama’s a bad ass

she hits her day so hard she whips it

she works past zero, on the floor, sweat dripping

they say to her, give me fifty

she does a hundred more


Last year, she had a double mastectomy

but she doesn’t need breasts to be sexy

the power she possesses? Straight from Eve

except with her, the curse is lifted

SHE doesn’t need power over HE

no, she is a beast


And her husband? HE doesn’t want power over SHE

because she has carried him

but she still won’t say I – only “we”

they obeyed each other to carve their identities

he thinks the most beautiful thing she wears is her wedding ring


And to her whole family? She is inspiring

with a grin that’s infecting

see, you just can’t be that kind of alluring in your twenties

when you might have a face and body that is pleasing, but

you have to age into that kind of lioness


THIS woman –

SHE thinks

I am timeless.






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