He’s the One

I thought I found you a thousand times

You, who leads the sheep, wild eyed

Overmastering your mind, your meditations surmounting mine

Bewitching, outwitting all, who by you, are magnetized

Up before the sleepers, you rise to your grind

Another mission statement checkmated, a new goal stated

You ensnare me

I’m hooked

Watching you work, your muscles exhausted but your heart is screaming for more

Watching you trample them underfoot

Passion rushing through your face

But you don’t even know you’re walking on bodies

You don’t mistakenly think you’re walking on water

You’re just trying to catch up with Him

But you’re really just stumbling after the man in the distance- the One I really admire

You wanna be like Him

To harvest

I keep finding you, baby
I keep losing you…

I can’t see you anymore.
But I see myself now

And I put my arms down 

I don’t need to reach for you

When He’s the One 

Carrying me


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