She’s growing. A stainless sprite, dutifully chasing her rainbows Darting over like a fawn, picking her clovers Her oblivious white bloomers peeking Her quick laughs lifting over the air as if stolen Flashes of her sapphire-eyed sparkle dulling to dusk Her tormenter waiting with a pot of gold Her mother’s wind chimes tinkling   She … More Interloper

ocean Andrew

I pull you out of my memory’s pocket. Sit you back down in powdery sand to dig. You are three. The six o’clock sky is a melted caramel. I marvel at pelicans soaring in slow motion across a canvas of playful peach and magenta strokes.  As if God pitied me, there is no one else … More ocean Andrew

no picnic

she is on the edge of spring… and while she wants to breathe the breeze her mind is a split screen one side, a picnic. her family laughing in warmth the other? screams haunted by his words and deeds she’s had enough. it’s time to sleep into one another, her mind’s two sides bleed she … More no picnic

Pretty Boy

once, you were a tender child, to pretty to be a boy, they both said a mattress on their floor was your bed you were five too little to grasp the pornography they showed you too little to not want to please them like they asked with your little mouth that should have been busy … More Pretty Boy