we are your pinup girls dangling as air fresheners pasted onto walls come get me, we beg come get this paper   our earthly shapes reduced to two dimension the pathetic magnitude of your sexual aptitude   we are de picted bronzed, glittered streamlined like a car design aerodynamic bitches chopped in photoshop given shadows … More Pinup


When she sleeps, it’s only in pearls. she actually does give a f*** what you think about her swearing she makes love to her husband in her sunglasses   Her children think, my mama’s a bad ass she hits her day so hard she whips it she works past zero, on the floor, sweat dripping they … More SHE


many bright branches dry yellow afternoon we lie at the trunks of pines as big as a room   a foot of needles cushion us mint on our skin we sink in we look up   i no longer know you you no longer know me we are dark below our years heavy underneath all … More evergreen


He must have sniffed me passing him, his gora girl. Perhaps I smelled like keka, my hair atwirl? He chased me like a lion. I whirled around, hearing pounding behind me, so frightened. My name is Bobby, he told me. You are the prettiest kuri I have ever seen. Hanji.   By next week I was … More Bobby

Waiting Room

I retrace heavy hexagonals Cezanne’s bright peaches for coasters Someone’s nine am coffee ring still wet I wonder if the woman who left it was also left, hoping Like me, searching tirelessly, Trying to see her husband above the waste   Did she smirk at the hodgepodge of small Asian tables with yard sale Colonial … More Waiting Room


Man, I stacked enough muscle – shot me straight into dark Exploded onto concrete – mouth around my heart Risky thoughts race me   I would’ve let you cut your teeth on me if you would just run with me…   My calves want to fail – eye level to breath I didn’t feel Focus … More Grip


Papercuts   I sat on my tree trunk stool My heartbeat with the black vessels of tree limbs Stretching fingers across a cornflower blue sky Falling away to amber The only sound was my pen scratching The farthest I could see was the only red light in town, toy like I thought I was so … More Papercuts