we slide on grinding rails through noisy rectangles
and glimmering neon light triangles
horizontally propelled by panels of bolted sheet metal
underground popping
my ears full and stuffy
me and my girl Sujata

our eyes burning, we gape through a thick window frame
rounded with a curve of black rubber
opaque with urban grime
others in the train sit like mannequins, drugged, struggling
or suspended from ceiling poles like clanging hanging spoons
or soaps on ropes on store hooks
she and I share headphones – archaic old school
throwback ears
knowingly bobbing heads, syncfully smiling
this is my jam

this is the theme song for our toy train as it winds through white tunnels in this
3D science project model of
Washington DC, baby

we speed it up and slow it down, controlled by a next button
proceed to the next circle on the metro map route
it’s a long ride

Red line from Shady Grove to Glenmont

flat gray station plaques flash by after walls of dark wet concrete
their white text like Bible verses
above and below ground we thrush
railway cars with rust powder coats glow with beige company writing
and blue and white gang scribble – accessible airbrushed Latin

our song plays on this dusky post rush hour freezing calm
dead winter grass spikes through

pretty soon our shoe soles flat on spongy concourse – Metro Station
hips popping through people lines in our college sweatshirts
we stand not entirely still and feel we’re still riding
the groove in our loins is thick but we walk lightly bouncing
constant motion, yet relaxed, we chill past
Patterned Afghani women, cloaked, sitting with young sons
Godly tall black basketball trees in track suits bending round their crowded court
Tapping on balls

I feel her school bus yellow sweatshirt on my green cuff
Our Nike’s match
We are the same height

Blue line Franconia, stop in Old Town Alexandria
Ice cream and hip hop on our metro glide


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